Thynkster provides an on-line database management system that allows facilities, private panel  managers and market researchers to manage the full life-cycle of their panel for qualitative and  quantitative research. This Software as a Service (SaaS) has been designed for ease of use by small to  medium sized companies, yet provides the power and flexibility normally found only in large company  database systems. All team members and partners can be given controlled access to the information that is important to them. Respondents have access to the system 24 / 7 to update their profile information  and respond to research opportunities. Database sizes range from several hundred into the millions.
Why Thynkster?
We pride ourselves in delighting our customers and partners. We provide unequaled service not only  through our state-of-the-art technology but we personalize our relationship with our partners through in- person communication wherever possible. Thynkster built the company based the principle that our customers are not only our partners, but our  customers' business success is inextricably tied to our success. This is why every Thynkster member is  committed to make everything possible to delight our customers. We provide personalized and in-person support to ensure that our customers' customer have the best possible experience. All our effort and  activities are geared towards this end.
Thynkster is all about doing more work with less time and effort. Getting started with a new system is  no exception. Using standard templates and structures, your database can be branded, implemented  and ready to use in less than a week. We can import your existing database and have you ready to start scheduling your events in very short order.
Thynkster is architected and designed to be autonomous and fully supported by you and your team.  However, if you prefer Thynkster to manage some or all of the process, Thynkster offers a full range of  services to meet your needs. These services range from full turnkey Panel and Project Management to  customization and training. Custom branded landing page Setting up custom respondent profiles Importing existing panel profile information Creating projects and events Setting up Recruiter / Caller workflows Defining and implementing notification schemes Tracking and monitoring events Custom report generation (panel health, demographics, activity
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