Direct and Automated Communications Effectively communicating with your respondents is one of the most important tasks in  maintaining a strong and active database. Thynkster makes this easy by providing a rich text (HTML) templating technology, to personalize, customize, and reuse your templated  messages. You can send e-mails directly from your Thynkster system and monitor the respondent activity in real time. E-mail invites, confirmations, reminders, and thank-yous messages can be automated to go out to specific respondents at the time you specify. Furthermore, you can send text (SMS) messages from your system to notify and remind your participants.  This has proven to increase show rates and respondent satisfaction considerably.
Database Management We offer a cloud-based software platform and services to help bring your respondent  database to life! You maintain ownership and visibility of the data at all times. We never have, and never will be, in the  business of selling data. We focus on helping your database update itself, maintain itself, and work for  you instead of you working on the database. By customizing the platform to your branding and your data collection preferences, the system becomes a growing  and contributing asset to your business. Your respondents will update their data and respond to your requests around the clock, at their convenience. Security You are always in control of your data. With our flexible Roles and Rights management, you can decide  who can access or change your data. You can even lock down log-in access to certain specific locations If you wish to know details about our data-center security, please contact us for the Security white-paper. Implementation & Data Validation Part of our initial interaction with you is to setup the system the way you want it with your specific  branding details then import and validate your data. We start with over 20 profiles which you can easily modify and update as necessary. Our simple  instructions will guide you through the steps to create new profiles or modify existing ones. We train you and help you with best practices to be productive right from the start. Screening & Qualification With our flexible screener technology, you can validate respondents and their profile data. Screeners can  automatically disqualify or qualify respondents into your recruiting lists, call lists, or other downstream  refinement processes. Paperless Recruiting We provide an eco-friendly, paperless recruiting process where all notes and information from each stage of the workflow, are kept in the database for the managers to work with. This will save countless hours  transcribing notes or looking for lost information that ‘fell through the cracks’. Searching and Sampling We put all your data and information at your fingertips by providing various quick and easy search and  filtering options in an on-line spreadsheet grid. With our easy-to-use search designer you can quickly create and save complex searches and gain insight  into how each criteria affects your final result. 
Project and Workflow Management With Thynkster, you can quickly and easily schedule individual or group study events. You can publish event-specific recruiting links to Facebook, Twitter or any other web location and track respondent activity in real-time. You can even limit the number of people who are  allowed into your mass recruited events once you reach the desired number of participants. However, this is just the beginning. When you contact us, we demo the full suite of automation capabilities to manage and categorize your respondents.
Measurement and Reporting Thynkster makes it easy to measure your progress and your efficiency on an ongoing  basis. Our live dashboards provide information about your recruiting progress,  communication process or demographic information of your interest. The Thynkster Report Center gives you an easy way to create and run powerful and sophisticated reports  of your database activity. With our trend report capability you can track how metrics change over time, giving you a powerful way  to predict future database shortfalls and take proactive actions before those issues become significant  problems.
Growth by Referrals One of the best ways to increase the size and quality of your panel is to ask participants  that are already in your database, to provide referrals of their friends, family and  business associates. The system provides several ways for members to make referrals and keeps track of the referral  relationships. Your team can use this information to control the qualification process of the new referrals,  before they enter the general population. We have seen as much as 20% growth in database size, in just a week or two, as a result of these elegant referral options.
Additional Business Opportunities As your business grows with Thynkster, you can easily expand your offerings to various  geographical areas using on-line focus groups or bulletin boards. Respondents are automatically redirected to the forums through the event management work flow. Furthermore, Thynkster offers an Executive Recruiting module, which allows recruiters to search, target  and keep track of specific companies and their executives for high-value opinion studies.
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Phone Recruiting Thynkster’s Call Center provides recruiters with an easy-to-use call tracking mechanism. Recruiters see only the list they should be calling and can enter notes associated with each call they make. Multiple recruiters can work on the same list and our locking mechanism prevents duplicate calls to the  same person. Furthermore, the Call Center manager can monitor the call activity of every recruiter.
Thynkster is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use secure on-line database management system for your respondent data. It is a complete solution to easily manage your recruiting work-flow.   The system was designed to be highly flexible, that way it can easily adapt to your particular  needs rather than you have to adapt to the system.   Call us today to request a demo and to show you how Thynkster can make it easy to get the  right people to the right place and the right time for your market research events.