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Manage Your Database
Customize Messaging
Automate Your Work Flow
Manage Referrals
Monitor Panel Health
Reach New Markets
What our customers are saying
"Thynkster solved a real problem for us in managing the quality of the recruit for
online qualitative research by simplifying the process for respondents, clients,
moderators and ourselves. What was once a manual, error prone process is now
fast and efficient."
"We have gone from 5-6 databases, spreadsheets and CATI samples, scattered across
the company to Thynkster online system. We can now do in a few hours what
used to take us days and weeks."
"Thynkster saved me hundreds of dollars my first project alone. Their system works
great and is easy to use. Moving our database to Thynkster has given us the
opportunity to grow and monetize our business in ways we could not have
supported internally. And best of all, Thynkster support and follow through
are terrific!."
"Just a quick note to thank the Thynkster team for the superb work you have been
providing Slaughter Branding and our customers. Your work is timely and I am
still amazed by how rapidly you are able to get things done - - including recruiting
full groups. Thanks. I am so glad that you are on our team."
Secure,  custom on-line database for your respondent data Automation of your  workflow, resulting in stress reduction Highly  flexible  and  configurable  to  adapt  to your  needs Making it easy for you to get the Right People, to the Right     Place, at the Right Time, for your Market Research events.
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