Every Thynkster member is committed to make everything possible to delight our customers.  Furthermore, in today's faceless Internet environment, Thynkster provides personalized and in-person  support to ensure that our customers' customer have the best possible experience.
Customer Focus
About Thynkster
Our Vision
Thynkster built the company based the principle that our customers are not only our partners, but our  customers' business success is inextricably tied to our success. Thynkster’s vision is to enable Market Researchers to provide a friction-free, enjoyable experience for  their respondents, clients and moderators resulting in the highest Return On Investment and effort. This vision drives us to provide a Panel Management platform to facilitate increases in: efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, respondent communications, and company growth. Our vast experience in market research and information technology has enabled us to apply state-of-the- art technologies to automate panel management encapsulated with project management. This  automation lets our customers be more productive, gives their respondents a very positive experience,  and ensures the highest return for their investment while providing the best possible results for their  marketing research efforts.
Continuous Innovation And Excellence
Innovation and Excellence are the fuel that powers our products to the forefront of the market. We  encourage our staff to continually improve their knowledge and skills in an effort to create more  exceptional solutions that will benefit directly our customers. Thynkster is committed to strive for  excellence within ourselves, our company and our solutions.
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